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Inhouse Recordings 1

Inhouse Recordings Cover4 friends meet 3 strangers, lock themselves in one room, try 7 different music tools at once, exchange instruments, record everything and finally scan it on 1 hard disc.
Inhouse Recordings is the beginning of a free download-series. Hear the bees bumming!

Recorded at 4 sessions, from monday to thursday, 06.03.06 – 09.03.06, somewhere in Berlin.
And the result of that approach: “We kept only the weird parts and threw away any standards.”

“Heute ist die Utopie vom Vormittag die Wirklichkeit vom Nachmittag.”

1. Wespennest 7:52 [Montag]
2. Dialog 8:10 [Dienstag]
3. Monolog 6:18 [Mittwoch]
4. Park 12:58 [Donnerstag]

friend1: Sven Müller
friend2: Daniel Krämer
friend3: Lars Kirchbach
friend4: Jan Simon Spielberger
stranger1: Alexander Eger
stranger2: Eric Mandel
stranger3: Mia Ender

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