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darktable – photography workflow application

February 28th, 2011 No comments

i just stumbled over this nice and free application.

a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers: it manages your digital negatives in a database and lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable. it also enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

this project tries to fill the gap between the many excellent existing free raw converters and image management tools (such as e.g. ufraw, rawstudio, f-spot, digikam, shotwell). The user interface is built around efficient caching of image metadata and mipmaps, all stored in a database. the main focus is on user interaction, both in terms of a smooth interface design as well as processing speed. high quality output is also one of our goals.

all editing is fully non-destructive and only operates on cached image buffers for display. the full image is only converted during export. raw image loading is done using libraw and rawspeed, high-dynamic range, and standard image formats such as jpeg are also supported. the core operates completely on floating point values, so darktable can not only be used for photography but also for scientifically acquired images or output of renderers (high dynamic range).

it is amazingly fast compared to other equivalent (but costly) tools like adobe lightroom, apple aperture or bibble labs.

it also has plugins that enhance the funcionality a lot. in my opinion it’s functionally equal to the highcost payware.

try it out!

dslr intervalometer

July 26th, 2010 No comments

i stumbled upon this nice tutorial:

it shows you how to build a tiny and cheap intervalometer for your dslr-camera. really tiny. i never build something so small before. but i will definetly try it out. the materials cost only 87cents!

update: here is another one with more features.

RawTherapee – a free raw picture editor/converter

April 29th, 2010 No comments


a few days ago i found this very nice raw-picture editor and converter. its pretty close to what you can do with the commercial variants like adobe lightroom, apple aperture or bibblepro.
the nice thing with this piece of software is that it also supports linux systems. which from the commercial ones only bibblepro does. thumbs up! dope stuff.
you can find out more here:
AND DONT FORGET to donate the author a bit.

pixel2vector (update)

April 8th, 2008 No comments

This is a great website to turn your pixeled images into vector graphic.


(update): the service is not free any longer. BOOO!

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Inhouse Recordings 1

July 20th, 2007 No comments

Inhouse Recordings Cover4 friends meet 3 strangers, lock themselves in one room, try 7 different music tools at once, exchange instruments, record everything and finally scan it on 1 hard disc.
Inhouse Recordings is the beginning of a free download-series. Hear the bees bumming!

Recorded at 4 sessions, from monday to thursday, 06.03.06 – 09.03.06, somewhere in Berlin.
And the result of that approach: “We kept only the weird parts and threw away any standards.”

“Heute ist die Utopie vom Vormittag die Wirklichkeit vom Nachmittag.”

1. Wespennest 7:52 [Montag]
2. Dialog 8:10 [Dienstag]
3. Monolog 6:18 [Mittwoch]
4. Park 12:58 [Donnerstag]

friend1: Sven Müller
friend2: Daniel Krämer
friend3: Lars Kirchbach
friend4: Jan Simon Spielberger
stranger1: Alexander Eger
stranger2: Eric Mandel
stranger3: Mia Ender

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c-base RED ALERT !!!

July 3rd, 2007 No comments


Die Raumstation c-base, seit 12 Jahren ein Stück Berliner Subkultur jenseits staatlicher Fördertöpfe, ist akut bedroht. Wir müssen bis zum 31.07.2007 mehrere ausstehende Monatsmieten auftreiben – sonst wird der Verein verschwinden.

Dadurch geht ein wichtiger Freiraum für Ideen- und Projekterschliessung (z.B. Freifunk oder der Wikipedia-Stammtisch), Eventort (z.B. Ausstellungen, Konzerte, Open Stage) sowie ein Ort für freie Wissensvermittlung und nicht zuletzt ein Zuhause für Utopisten und Zukunftsforscher in dieser Stadt verloren.

Ihr könnt uns helfen, indem ihr vorbeischaut und euch von unserer Idee begeistern lasst. Kommt einfach vorbei und packt mit an, werdet Mitglied, überweisst eine Kleinigkeit oder klickt den Spendenbutton. ( (Alle Spenden sind steuerlich absetzbar, da wir Gemeinnützig sind).

be future compatible – join the space station rescue team!!

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Hier kannst du Mitglied werden (Anmeldeformular als PDF-Datei)

Was ist die c-base?

c-base Pressemappe (PDF)

Hier geht es zu den c-base Webseiten


All frequencies hailing!!

“c-base space station”, which is a vital part of Berlin’s governmentally unfunded subculture, is under pressing threat of closure. Until July, 31th 2007 we have to come up with several months’ worth of outstanding rent, otherwise we’ll be evicted and the space station will have to close.

If that happens an important and fertile ground for ideas and projects (e.g. berlin’s free wavelan networks “” and the wikipedia regulars’ table ), event location (e.g. exhibitions, concerts, open stage sessions) and space for open knowledge transfer and last but not least a home for creatives, utopians and space cadets will dissapear from berlin’s cultural landscape.

YOU can help to avoid this, by getting engaged and involved: drop by at our facilities in Rungestrasse and participate, become a member or just go online and hit the donation button. (

be future compatible – join the space station rescue team!!

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become a member: Subscribtion form (PDF)

to c-base websites

c-base e.V.

rungestrasse 20

10179 berlin tc

fon +49 (30) 285 993 00 vorstand @


c-base e.V.


BLZ 160 200 86

Kto 4910173974

IBAN: DE 09 16 02 00 86 49 10 17 39 74


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Free your iPod with ROCKBOX

April 12th, 2007 No comments

This is a very nice software written in linux for iPods.

It’s a parallel install. Which means you can use your existing Library and the original iPod software parallel to Rockbox.

It’s themeable and has some nice features that the original iPod software doesn’t have. You can nearly customize everything and even build your own themes. The coolest thing in my opinion is that i’m not restricted to iTunes anymore to sync it. I just have to drop those mp3s in my Music folder on the iPod and i’m done. This i can do on ANY system (Mac, PC, Linux). YES ! so cool !!!

The only thing that lacks compared to the original iPod software is video playback which plays only mpgs very stuttered. But if you need video u can use the default iPod software. Maybe it gets better in some of the next versions. There are daily builds and an active community.

check it out at

My iPod now looks like this:

djay – great free osx mixing software

August 28th, 2006 No comments


djay is the groundbreaking new software for Mac OS X. It takes full advantage of Apple’s latest audio and graphics technologies, and runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC processors.
It supports all common file formats, such as mp3, aiff, wav, aac, caf.
With djay you can control and mix your whole digital music collection with two realistic virtual, interactive turntables and both record and transmit the audio in real-time over the Bonjour network to other connected djays.

I tested it only with the built-in soundcard of my ibook. For full djaying functionality you need a multiple-out soundcard. The interface is really nice. You can spin the records with the mouse for prelistening to find the right place in the song and also can set markers in songs. I only played little around with it yet. But that was really fun and intuitive !

check it out here

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Inkscape – OpenSource Vektorgrafikeditor

August 13th, 2006 No comments

Inkscape ist ein Open-Source-Vektorgrafikeditor, dessen Fähigkeiten mit denen von Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw oder Xara X vergleichbar sind. Inkscape verwendet das vom W3C standardisierte SVG-Dateiformat (Scalable Vector Graphics). Unter anderem ermöglicht Inkscape die Arbeit mit verschiedensten Formen, Pfaden, Texten, Markierungen, Klonen, Transparenzeffekten (alpha), Transformationen, Farbverläufen, Mustern und Gruppen. Außerdem unterstützt Inkscape auch Creative-Commons-Metadaten, Knotenbearbeitung, Ebenen, komplexe Pfadoperationen, Bitmaptracing, pfadgebundene Texte, objektumfließenden Text, direkte XML-Bearbeitung und vieles mehr. Es können Formate wie PostScript, EPS, JPEG, PNG und TIFF importiert werden. Exportiert werden PNG sowie verschiedene vektorbasierte Formate.

Inkscape soll ein mächtiges und komfortables Zeichenprogramm werden, das die Standards XML, SVG und CSS zu 100% einhält. Durch den offenen, community-orientierten Entwicklungsprozess hat Inkscape eine wachsende, lebendige Benutzer- und Entwicklergemeinschaft bekommen. Damit das auch so bleibt, achten wir darauf, dass Inkscape einfach zu bedienen und zu erweitern ist.

Inkscape. Draw Freely

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Voice Candy 1.1

August 9th, 2006 No comments

Voice Candy 1.1 has just been released, and it brings voice memo management to this very clever little voice altering program. We blogged about it when it was first released, and it looks like it has just gotten better with this .1 release. Also added in this free update is the ability to listen to the voice effects as they are applied in real time (though you shouldn’t use the internal mic and speakers to do this. Can you say feedback?).

via TUAW

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